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It's a Boy - Royal Baby Arrives

Tuesday 23 July 2020

The royal baby is finally here and the world is sending congratulations, well wishes and baby gifts to the new royal arrival and first time parents the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

When we heard the news, we here at Mischief Makers were delighted and amazed as we discovered the many curious things about a royal birth; like that the birth of the new prince does not have to be registered with a surname as they will have the title HRH Prince ? (Spectulation is that the new prince will be name George, but this is yet to be announced) and be referred to this way. Or that it used to be customary for the Home Secretary and the Archbishop of Canterbury to attend royal births!

One curious fact that we were particularly interested in though was that the christening robe to be worn by the new prince will be a replica of one that has been used since 1841, which was made for the christening of Queen Victoria’s eldest daughter. This christening gown of lace and satin was subsequently used for generations of Royal christenings, HRH Queen Elizabeth II wore it, as did all of her children and all but one of her grandchildren, the Earl and Countess of Wessex’s son, who in 2008 wore a replica robe that had been designed and made to preserve the original.

How wonderful that the new prince will be christened in a replica of the christening gown worn by his father. We wonder if he will also be christened in by the Archbishop of Canterbury in the Music Room at Buckingham Palace just list his father HRH Prince William and his grandfather HRH Price of Wales!

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