Pampolina - Consists of PJE, Check in and Pampolina Kids.
A High Fashion label from Germany. Pampolina kids offers a fab selection of casual and dressy wear from 0 up to 10 years. All coordinating with accessories.

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PJE is for the 8-16 year olds offering up to date fashions but with a young look suitable for the age it is aimed at.
With both PJE and check in labels in the shop it allows us to please both mother and daughter. This is an age group we work hard at and has great success as the collections offer high street fashions which the 8, 10, 12 year old wants but look well dressed at the same time.

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Check in is much the same as PJE but has an older image.

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Catimini and Marese - Both offer superb collections for the younger kids and have terrific baby collections. Babygros have matching bibs, outfits have all the matching socks, booties, hats etc. Very soft good quality fabrics used. Very important gift range. 2-10 year age group has lots of leggings, jeans, trousers, sweats, fleeces, coats in fun colours and matching accessories.

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Timberland - a miniature of the mens Timberland - need we say more. Availible in 3 catagories. Birth - 3 years, 2 - 10 years and 8 - 16 years, also timberland footwear in stock from Jan 2002.


DKNY - is a high fashion label from Donna Karan New York. Designed under licence by a French company - Very chic, very simple. Boys and Girls again 0 - 3 years, 2 - 10 years and 8 - 16 years.


Miniman - Mostly boys wear, again a very popular gift range with everything from babygros to outfits with the relevent accessories. 2-10 collection for boys. Baby gifts also availible for girls aged 0-3 years in this label.


Replay - will be in stock from Jan 2002. A superb jeans collection for the 8 - 16 year olds, boys and girls. A smaller version of the aldults range.

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Elle is again a designer collection for girls from baby to 16 years. There is a slightly sporty every day look to this collection with lots of sweat shirts, leggings, pinafores, coats, jackets, trousers, skirts fleeces etc.