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How to pack light for your family summer holiday vacation

Friday 26 April 2021

With plenty of us booking and counting down the days until our summer holiday vacations, the ordeal for mum when the time comes will always be – how to pack light and how to pack right! A hard task in itself that is becoming increasing more difficult when travelling within the constraints of baggage allowances and costly excess baggage charges that are imposed by budget airline carriers.

As mum’s know it’s not all about fitting in your own and your kids clothes, it’s about making sure you have all the essential items and pack for all weathers and all occasions…so here is our mischief makers guide to packing for your family and how to make sure the whole family – mum, dad, teens, tots and babies have what they need!

Essentials – these are the must have items for mum and dad’s hand luggage: passports, visas, driving licenses, airline tickets or confirmation numbers, hotel reservation details, car rental documentation, money, credit and debit cards, house and car keys, prescription medicine that you may be taking, phone, phone charger, camera and charger or spare batteries, laptop/tablet and charger, mp3 player and charger. Other essentials that can be placed in your hold luggage may include; hairdryer, hair straighteners or curling irons, travel adaptor plugs – note that most Electrical appliances in the US work at 110 volts, whilst most countries in the world use 220 - 240 volts and that the pins/plugs are different. As well as other travel essentials such as mosquito repellent, bite cream, plasters, sunglasses and books.

Toiletries – any packed in your hand luggage must be under 100ml and fit in to the small plastic bag provided at security control. Travel light – buy travel size items or travel sized bottles and take the minimum; most hotels provide toiletries anyhow so there is no need to over pack, and if you split who carries what between you, you will eliminate the need to pack these in to your hold baggage, which will take up valuable space. In your hold luggage pack the toiletries that may be permitted in carry on such as razors, tweezers, nail scissors and sun creams and block that maybe over 100ml.

Clothes and shoes – split the weight between hand luggage and hold luggage, place at least one pait of shoes in your hand luggage. Pack versatile outfits that match all things rather than thinking in packing per day, as the chances are on a sun holiday you will spend the majority of time in your swimsuits and wear the same few t-shirts and shorts to the pool and back! Items to remember include: Pyjamas, underwear, socks, tights, trousers and/or jeans, skirts, leggings, Dresses, T-Shirts, Smart shirts and or dressy tops, sweaters and/or cardigans, jackets, board shorts, smart dress shorts, swimsuits and any accessories such as belts, swimming arm bands, goggles, scarves, sun hats, sarongs and jewellery. Shoes – flip flops and / or sandals, smart shoes that will go with all outfits, comfortable pumps and/or sneakers. Most importantly when packing remember to keep your clothes from creasing, try rolling instead of folding

Larger Items – Ask ahead, do you need to bring towels for your trip or will these be provided at the hotel. Most hotels provided bath towels and will at a small cost hire you beach/pool towels and the costs of hire is a lot less than the excess baggage cost! Does the hotel have option to borrow/rent ironing boards, irons and hairdryers, if so then travel items such as this need not be packed.

Happy packing and remember most things can be washed out and dried relatively quickly and easily, so it’s wise to take travel washing powder or liquid and some washing line cable to make your own make shift washing line.


Packing light can be difficult when you are not used to holidaying this way but trying to fit in all your family's clothes such as baby clothes, young boys clothes or teen girls clothes. However when you take a quick look at baggage restricts for some airlines this might help to change your mind

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