Linda Shorten of Mischief Makers understands her clients well, those little people with big ideas about what they will or will not be seen in. Now some 13 years in business she has earned herself the reputation of something of a guru in childrens fashion. Selling most French and German labels in equal proportion to boys and girls, 0 to 16 years of age.

When it comes to the older age group labels such as DKNY, Elle, Timberland, Tommy Hilfiger and Replay are all top sellers, also very important is the P.J.E. (older Pampolina range) which has up to date fashions for the 8 - 16 year old group.

Other labels extremely well stocked in her boutique are Marese, Miniman, Catimini, Jean Bouget and Pampolina whose accessories include everything from matching bibs to co-ordinating hats and socks. Beautiful French bed linen with matching cot bumpers also availible.

From Jan 2002 onwards shoes will be stocked from timberland, Naturino, Elefantan and Baby Botte.

One of the top childrens shops for confirmation and communion wear

What more could you want...